Wednesday, September 5, 2012

it won't hurt to at least look

i wrote a story here about how we chose Josue.
it was spontaneous.
and somewhat random.
though i absolutely think it was meant to be.

and just yesterday his shining little boy-face showed up on my computer screen again.
reminding me to send a letter when i get a chance.
reminding me that he knows about us.
he knows about us.

and there are at least a million reasons i could give you for why you should sponsor a child in poverty.
and i might even take a stab at listing them.
but for now. . .
go here and take a look.

you just never know when you might have your own spontaneous moment.
when God might just be taking you outside your own mental space and physical self.

what if your very own "Josue" is waiting to leap out from the screen?
do you want to miss that?

go on.
it won't hurt to at least look.
no worries.
He already knows.


  1. "Reminding me he knows about us"...another reason I have got to get a new letter in the mail! Love that you are using your voice for this project. Love how it feels to be a part of something bigger.

    Oh, and ps I know you are an early bird, but 3:47??? Holy moly.

    1. ummm, chronic insomnia? yeah. pray about that.
      today's letter went out via online. pretty cool.
      the next one will be snail mail.
      and my daughter wants to write her own in espanol.
      the ideas are endless, really. and i agree--i love the feeling of something bigger. it SO helps with the whole concept of perspective.
      have a great day!

  2. I got hooked by "just looking" too - it is a GOOD thing. Great post.


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